About RMS

Since 2003, RMS has been serving the process industry and infrastructure. Yet, company owner experience startes from 1967 serving many years in public and private sectors. Today RMS has references in all industries, such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water & Waste Water, Power, Food & Beverage, Iron & Steel, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Marine, etc.

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Our Services

project delivery

Complete project delivery starting from inception phase till start-up and post-production support

  • high-level design
  • detail design
  • procurement
  • implementation
  • fat / sat
  • post-production performance analysis

individual services

Individual services offered as products with defined scope and clear deliverables

  • solution outline workshop
  • instrumentation design
  • micro programming
  • commissioning

  • health checks
  • training

bundled services

Predefined bundles of multiple services delivered under single contract

  • tiered bundles
  • custom bundles

service tools

Set of of software applications and physical tools to provide outstanding service experience

  • service support portal
  • verification tools
  • flow measurement as a service
  • interface adaptors
  • spare parts & Training Kits

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