Special Valves portfolio

Special valves for extreme pressure / temperature installations

01. Special Valves

Special Valves

BOMAFA manufactures steam conditioning, steam control, turbine bypass valves, desuperheaters for extremely high pressure / temperature applications with special actuating systems and high quality coating.

Diverse Types
Turbine by-pass systems for high, medium and low pressure. Steam conditioning valves to reduce steam pressure combined with desuperheaters. Desuperheaters to conduct the cooling of steam. High pressure gate, axial on-off and check valves. Water injection control valves.
Extreme Conditions
Operating inlet / outlet pressure up to PN630 / class 4500. Withstand operating temperature up to ~650°C. KS-Inductive special coating for high corrosion and wear resistance.
Customized actuating
Custom design hydraulic or pneumatic actuating systems.
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