Gas Analysis portfolio

Complete program for Gas conditioning, analysis, and dust monitoring

01. Gas Sampling System

Gas Conditioning

Bühler Technologies provides extremely reliable gas conditioning systems that ensure sample is delivered correctly to the analyzer with components suitable for corrosive mediums and hazardous areas.

Variety of materials, un-heated or heated designs, optional blowback system, high dust and high temperature models. In addition, versions available for hazardous areas. Easily maintainable onsite.
RMS offers gas pumps that allow stable pressure and flow, unaffected by gas condensate, with materials that can withstand corrosive gases or high temperature. Bühler provides the most stable coolers in the industry, available with single or multi-stream. Pre-coolers for samples with high load of humidity, moisture detectors, and water coolers can be delivered with the system. 
high conversion rate at low temperature, no production of CO / CO2, no interference with water, and provides highest conversion efficiency over time in the field.
Additional components can be delivered to have a complete system, like heated or unheated filters, heated sample lines, directional valves, controllers and pressure regulators.
Complete portable conditioning system in light carrying bag compromised of cooler, filter, condensate trap, and pump. Also portable probe and heated line all-in-one-system available.
Gas sampling components image
Gas analysers and dust monitors image

02. gas analyzers & dust monitors

Gas Analysis & Dust Monitoring

RMS offers Bühler's gas analyzers based on optical, paramagnetic and zirconium technologies as well as tuned diode laser (TDL) analyzers. In addition, particle monitoring available according to proven triboelectric measuring principle.

Gas analyzers
In-situ gas analyzers for O2 measurement or for multiple gases analysis based on TDL technology. Also extractive multi-component analyzers for measuring O2, CO2, SO2, NH3, CH4, etc. with different features, like automatic calibration, Modbus RS485 interface, multiple relay outputs and graphical flow display. Moreover, portable gas analyzers are available.
Dust Monitoring
Direct in-situ particle monitoring to monitor filters and separators in dry conditions with Easyjust installation kit for simple easy installation with versions suitable for hazardous area. Extractive particle monitoring for moist and tacky residual dust by continuously extracting through a special heated sampling tube and then dust is measured in the output dry sample.
03. Complete Gas analysis systems

Complete Systems

RMS can offer complete systems whether for continuous emission monitoring (CEMS), stack testing or combustion efficiency monitoring, with all required subsystems (dust monitoring, gas analysis, data acquisition, …) and all certificates (TÜV, MCERTS, FM, ATEX, …).

RMS Solutions
Through RMS solutions department complete automation systems for CEMS, combustion efficiency and other gas-analysis-related systems can be engineered, assembled and delivered.
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