Complete system delivery and beyond...

RMS has developed a complete process for automation system delivery, which captures activities done even before project start, such as defining roadmap, offering, and assigning budget, till the new system become in production and required services to be performed after that, like maintenance, performance analysis and planning for next project.

The methodology balance between discipline and agility. Through short iterations the system is built gradually and review demo is done in-between the iterations to verify with the customer that project is on the right path.

The process has clear stages, iterations, roles, tasks, deliverables and milestones. Scope must be clear and requirements well-documented from the beginning. Yet small changes can be accommodated throughout implementation life cycle.

From single vendor

From Single Vendor

Avoid maintaining system from multiple vendors

While RMS has the flexibility to build systems from multiple vendors, it is usually recommended to decrease number of system components manufacturers to allow smoother integration and easier maintenance for end customer.

Yet, this can be a challenge when you build complete control panel which will compromise terminal blocks, relays, isolators, power supply, circuit breakers, ethernet switches, I/O cards, PLC, HMI, and more.

However, Phoenix Contact has managed to build this portfolio over tens of years to have COMPLETE Line, which can truly cover any panel requirement with its very rich automation program plus the software for planning and designing the panel. RMS can assemble rich control panels from Phoenix Contact integrated with field instrumentation from RMS instrumentation partners, such as KROHNE, optek, etc.

More info about Solution Layers and their components

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Components of RMS Industrial Automation

Solution Layers

Every industrial control project is composed of multiple solution layers starting from field instruments up to SCADA and operator HMI. RMS offers the best-in-class components and devices in each layer with smooth integration between them.