01. Sensors, Actuators, Pumps


RMS has very strong and long history in measurement devices and field instrumentation. There is a dedicated business unit for this business. Also RMS completes its solution with pumps, motors, and final control elements, such as valves to provide an end-to-end solution.

From inception to after-sales-services
We start by putting the FEED design then P&ID. At later stage we develop devices detailed datasheets, perform the procurement, configuration, and commissioning of the devices as part of the automation solution. After having new system in production, RMS offers rich set of services, such as training, maintenance, and health checks.

For more info about instrumentation, refer to our Products page.
Instrumentation devices overview image
Industrial communication devices image

02. Industrial Communication


By partnering with Phoenix Contact, RMS can meet any communication need, whether bus, ethernet, wireless, or mobile-based.

All Protocols
Support for all protocols, such as PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus, IO-Link, HART, Interbus, PROFINET, MODBUS TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, etc. Isolators and interface converters to convert from one serial standard to another. Gateways to change serial interface to ethernet. Extenders & repeaters to increase network performance and rangeability.
ethernet & fiber optics
Phoenix has solution for any requirement with managed and unmanged ethernet switches, ethernet extenders, power-over-ethernet solutions, routers with cyber security, fiber optic media converters supporting single and dual communication.
Industrial Wireless
Starting from short range, like RFID and Bluetooth, to longer range, like WLAN and Wireless-HART, up to ADSL and mobile 2G/3G/4G routers. Also Phoenix offers its very simple yet very efficient Radioline solution which rely on a mix between wired and wireless protocols with near-zero setup effort.

03. PLC & controllers


RMS selected Phoenix Contact as the preferable PLC supplier as it combine between the German tradition of world top quality, compactness, and best price-performance ratio.

PLC Logic
Most compact economic PLC for basic control. Eliminates the need for relays as relay modules can be connected directly to the logic module and if one defaulted then it can be replaced without affecting PLC or other cards. Digital and analogue I/O cards, memory card, Bluetooth, and can be integrated with bus coupler to allow communication with master PLC or DCS.
Inline Controllers
ILC 1x1 rich controllers that support comprehensive set of I/O options, Profinet and Modbus. Integrated web (for web SCADA applications) and FTP servers. Yet they have attractive price. ILC 3xx have a higher memory and CPU power, thus, they are suitable for complex applications.
Axioline Controllers
For more aggressive conditions, such as high temperature +60°C, high vibration and shock resistance. AXC 1050 is modular PLC with default support for PROFINET, MODBUS/TCP, FTP server, Web server. It has rich I/O portfolio. With higher CPU and memory in AXC 3050 model, it can manage of the most memory and power intensive automation systems.
The RFC 4xx have the highest performance so they are designed for safety (SIL) installations and hot redundancy requirements with distance between primary and secondary PLC up to 80,000 KM. RFC controllers are equipped with high resolution diagnostics display.
PLC Programming
PC Worx is the standard programming tool for all Phoenix Contact PLCs except for PLC Logic which has free software LOGIC+. Also PC Worx Express is available free of charge for programming of small applications for inline controllers ILC 1X1 series.
PLC controllers image
Scada & HMI image

04. Scada & HMI


RMS offers both web-based or client-server traditional SCADA. Due to the effectiveness of Phoenix Contact solutions, many of the SCADA solutions can be simple web applications running on the PLC directly which avoids acquiring dedicated servers, saves space and money.

RMS offers Phoenix Visu+, which is full fledged OPC-based SCADA. They have user access management. Drivers available for integration with PLCs, such as Siemens S7, Modbus TCP,  Modbus RTU, etc. Also WebVisit is available as HMTL 5 web-based SCADA. It has all required capabilities while they can run on Phoenix controllers and HMI devices.
Phoenix Contact has large range of HMI panels whether for panel or wall-mounting, safe or hazardous areas, protection up to IP67 and temperatures up to 60°C. They can be simple browser-based HMI or they can be operating as industrial PC based on embedded OS. Portable versions are available as well.
Industrial PC
Industrial PCs (IPCs) are gaining more attraction in the automation industry as they extensive functionality while their prices are decreasing. Phoenix has wide range of IPCs with many operating systems, CPU and memory options. Also they can be offered as HMI with embedded PC and as portable HMI/PC.