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A HERITAGE of 52 years of Experience

Established in 2003, RMS has a lineage going back to 1967, when company owner started his career. He then spent 36 years in public and private sectors before founding RMS.

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RMS is an engineering company specialized in two domains: Smart Industrial Automation and Instrumentation Products along with service packages supporting both domains. We serve all types of industries, such as petrochemical, water, oil & gas, food, power, etc.

We had established partnership with world leading manufacturers, who their portfolio completes each other instead of overlapping. This is to ensure that RMS can deliver whole automation stack from instrumentation, then industrial communication and control, up to HMI and SCADA systems.

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We do not sell to our customers. We focus on delivering value to our customers. This is done by understanding their core problems and needs, setting KPIs (key performance indicators) that will indicate success in meeting these needs and then implement the best, yet most economic, solution.

RMS Story

Eng. Mohamed Moharram started his career in 1967 by joining a large public sector factory in steel industry. Employed as principal electrical engineer, he was exposed to all aspects of electrical engineering, automation and instrumentation. After spending almost nine years, he joined a privately-held company that was representative for many well known manufacturers.

Titled as general manager he was responsible for supervising all business aspects, like marketing, sales, engineering, and after-sales services. Being passionate about delivering engineering value, he was able to attain several achievements, like large rehabilitation of production plants of “Egyptian Iron & Steel”, huge rehabilitation of sugar plants, rehabilitation of “Damanhour Power Station”, and complete engineering, management and commissioning of five large sugar plants in Iran.

The second generation of company owners started to take different strategic directions and this was a catalyst for Eng. Moharram to start thinking about initiating his own business. Then RMS was born in the mid of 2003 as a family business company. RMS started its business as exclusive agent for KROHNE in Egypt then later it built partnership with Buehler Technologies and Fluenta. From 2003 to 2013, RMS increased its sales by more than 10 folds in the Egyptian market.

By end of 2014, Eng. Moharram and company co-owners, his daughter Rania and his son Sherif, have been aggressively expanding RMS instrumentation business to cover all key process measurements. This was done by heavily promoting for the relatively new product groups of existing partners and by establishing new business relation with new vendors optek and Bomafa.

As the company serves top-tier plants and factories in Egypt, RMS understood the criticality of high-end services for these customers, especially after-sales-services. Thus, in 2016 company restructured its departments to establish a dedicated unit for Services, acquired additional tools and service devices, launched online help desk services support portal, and in 2018 attained certification from KROHNE as a "Certified Basic Service" partner.

One of the most important business evolution for RMS was entering the Automation field by end of 2018. But RMS wanted to maintain its unique position in the market so it chose to focus on smart solutions that would rely on Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) new concepts. This resulted in founding new partnership with Phoenix Contact as one of the market leaders in this area. Now RMS is acting as a complete end-to-end integrator delivering value throughout whole automation stack starting from field instruments up till SCADA systems.

Yet, company staff believes that they are just at the starting tip of the company evolution and that RMS massive potential still to be discovered in the following years.

June, 2019
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Our Partners

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KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer of solutions in industrial process instrumentation. Established in 1921, KROHNE has very long history in measurement and its manufactured products cover: flow, level, temperature, pressure, liquid analyzers and systems. In 2018, KROHNE revenue was above € 559 million

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Phoenix Contact

German-based market leader in device connectors, electrical components and automation. It was founded in 1923. Now it employs
more than 17,400 employee with 
turnover in 2018 € 2.38 billion

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Market leader in flare gas flow measurement with more than 75% market share of the offshore market. Its headquarters in Norway with more than 30 years of experience. Fluenta holds more than 16 patent in its specialization and it is wholly owned subsidiary of Vista Holding.

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Bühler Technologies

A worldwide leader in gas conditioning systems. It is based in Germany with tow main production units: Gas Analysis covering all gas analysis products including analyzers, dust monitors, complete systems (like CEMS, ...) and Fluid Control for hydraulic systems. Bühler is ISO Certified 9001 by Lloyd’s Register.

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A market leader in photometric measurement. optek has deep knowledge in many industries and delivers smart solutions for most challenging applications. optek is headquartered in Essen, Germany

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For more than 100 years BOMAFA Armaturen has been manufacturing German high quality valves for challenging applications. Their steam conditioning and high pressure valves are installed in power stations, manufacturing plants, and process industries.


We have track record in all industries. While in some of them we have large market share, such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Water; we still have strong presence in other industries, like Food, Iron & Steel, etc.