Flow portfolio

the most comprehensive flow portfolio

01. Ellectromagnetic flow meters


Electromagnetic flow meters are one of the most widely used technologies because of its good price, suitability in many applications, and independence of pressure, density, or viscosity of medium. RMS has an outstanding product range in this area.

Wide range
Sizes up to DN 3000, with all types of lining suitable for the most adhesive or corrosive mediums, best-in-market self-diagnostics that verifies sensor body (like electrode contamination), converter and medium (like gas bubbles), and all communication types such as HART, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, etc.
PARTIALLY-filled pipeline or EXTREMELY low conductive medium
Overtime KROHNE has developed best-in-market water meter WATERFLUX that can run on battery for up to 20 years, no need for any upstream or downstream distance and has the option of including pressure and temperature sensors. Meter can be accompanied with gateway that will allow it to transmit data over 3G network which enables true IIoT implementation.
PARTIALLY-filled pipeline or EXTREMELY low conductive medium
TIDALFLUX has the unique capability to measure flow in partially-filled pipeline down to 10%. Also KROHNE developed very special electromagnetic flow meter that can measure very low conductivity liquids starting from 0.05 μS/cm and for demi-water starting from 1 μS/cm
REPLACEABLE tube flow meter for pharmaceutical 
KROHNE presented the first flow meter that features a disposable flow tube "FLEXMAG". Tube is designed specifically for single use biopharmaceutical applications, such as filtration processes, chromatography, or buffer and media preparation.
Electromagnetic flow meters image
Coriolis mass flow meters image

02. coriolis flow meters

Coriolis Mass

Coriolis mass technology is one of the sophisticated measuring technologies, yet, it delivers the most accurate stable flow measurement. KROHNE has many patents in this field and developed its position to be one of the worldwide leaders in this technology.

Best performance
KROHNE Coriolis flow meters can reach the highest accuracy, ±0.05% of measured value, and repeatability, ±0.02% of measured value, in the market. Because of the wide materials selection, they can measure the most abrasive or corrosive mediums.
Innovative design
Because of its patented technology, KROHNE bent and straight shaped tubes are immune to vibration and cross-talking. Also KROHNE is the only world supplier, who manufacture DN400 straight-tube Coriolis, which delivers highest capacity 4600 t/h and ensures easier installation in tight locations, like in offshore. To suit all types of situations, meter tubes are available in duplex, super-duplex, hastelloy, titanium and tantalum material.
100% ENTRAINED gas measurement
Due to special technology implemented in KROHNE converters, all its Coriolis sensors can measure stably when gas content may exist while measuring liquids. This is guaranteed with up to 100% gas measurement and with large meter diameters.

03. ultrasonic flow meters


Using the principle of ultrasonic transit-time in flow measurement has grown rapidly over last decades to cover many applications. The technology has matured over time to overcome most challenging process conditions

Suiting all requirements
Using KROHNE outstanding innovation, RMS can offer meters for liquid, gas and even steam. Special model OPTISONIC 4400 is available for high temperature +600°C or high pressure up to 490 bar! Also special version for high viscosity mediums up to 1500 CST.
Custody transfer
The ALTOSONIC series is available for liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas custody transfer. They offer best accuracy in market and extensive diagnostics (flow profile, bottom buildup, internal surface corrosion of the tube, ....) that allows predictive maintenance.
Flare measurement
Fluenta is world leader in flare flow measurement with the patented technology that allow combining two ultrasonic signals (CHIRP and Continuous Wave) on single pair of transducers, which ensures stability in reading for low and high velocities and for a wide gas composition. Fluenta flow meters requires short run and are economic with various communication outputs.
Ultrasonic flow meters image
Variable area flow meters image

04. variable area flow meters

variable area

Also known as rota-meters, variable area (VA) is one of the oldest methods in flow measurements. It relies on mechanical principle but mechanical parts are limited and not vulnerable to wearing or abrasion as other mechanical technologies. KROHNE is number 1 worldwide in VA flow measurement.

Simple and cheap, yet effective and suitable for all types of mediums: gas, liquid or steam.
many designs
KROHNE VA flow meters have many materials, glass, glass with metal, or full-metal construction. Also available in special materials, like PTFE and ceramic. Moreover, it can be delivered with valve or pressure regulator.
extensive outputs
Our offered VA products include many output and communication options, such as switches, analog, HART, PROFIBUS PA, and Foundation Fieldbus.

05. DP flow meters

differential pressure

Despite being an old method in flow measurement, differential pressure (DP) is still deployed in many industries. RMS provides DP flow meters using all common types of flow elements.

excellent STABILITY
KROHNE has developed unique 3D linearization, by compensating for all influencing factors at virtually all possible conditions. In addition to the outstanding temperature and static pressure stability even under harsh conditions.
All capabilities
RMS offered DP solutions can be used for steam, gas, and liquid measurement. They can be installed to measure in pipelines with diameter up to DN 12,000. Integrated orifice, pitot tube and cone meter can be delivered as complete system with FF, Profibus PA, or HART outputs.
DP flow meters image
Vortex flow meters image

06. Vortex flow meters


RMS offers KROHNE vortex flow meters, which can measure liquids, gases, and steam with several options and capabilities that make the vortex attractive option in some of the challenging applications

3-in-1 Flow meter
KROHNE was the first in market to offer Vortex flow meters with embedded temperature and pressure sensor in same flow sensor body. This will avoid requirement of external pressure transmitter.
Many features
The vortex flow meter is suitable for measurement of liquid, gas, saturated, and super heated steam. It can compensate for density changes, calculate gross and net heat by accepting additional temperature transmitter input, and can be delivered with SIL2.
Dual Measurement
Special dual measurement is available for two-phase flow measurement or as a backup sensor.

07. Magnetic Resonance flow meters

magnetic resonance

Three-phase flow meter by KROHNE based on unique patented magnetic resonance technology.

This new flow meter M-PHASE 5000 relies on measuring principle that doesn't have radioactive source. The flow meter has full bore single flow tube body, which have zero pressure drop.
Best solution for O&G Upstream
The flow meter can measure oil, gas, and water, which make it perfect solution for upstream. It has large turn-down ratio 1:60, gas fraction can reach 98% and water cut up to 100%. And with its relatively compact body, it can replace complete onshore test separators and save large size in offshore platforms.
Multi-phase magnetic resonance flow meter image
Other flow meters and flow switches image

08. Other flow meters, flow switches, flow computers

Other flow Offering

RMS can also offer several other flow meter types, flow switches, flow computers and verification tools.

Other Flow meters
Thermal mass, van-wheel, turbine and positive displacement can be delivered by RMS manufactured by high quality vendors.
Flow switches
Mechanical and electromagnetic flow switches with many process connections (inline, insertion, vertical or horizontal), local indicator and optional 4..20 mA output.
Flow computer
KROHNE SUMMIT 8800 is considered a very advanced flow computer in the market with the capability of supporting up to 5 flow meter runs, many types of flow meters, multiple I/O options, graphical touch screen. Also virtual flow computers are available.